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The Neothink Society without Secrets, I am eternally grateful for the enlightenment that you have brought into my life. I have finally grasped that which I am meant to be. I am now totally focused upon the elimination of the disease that we call aging and its current ultimate consequence.

I am totally committed to being here (with the health, vitality and mental acuity of a person in their prime) when technology makes major breakthroughs in life extension.

I have renewed the bonds with my parents (81 & 82), my four grown children and my seven brothers and sisters.

My wife is continually amazed at the plethora of changes in me; physically, financially, in my relationships and in my quest for knowledge.

Financially, I have come back from devastation. I started a new career in January 2007. In late April, they asked me to head up a new division. I declined the position for it would have meant a pay cut. I booked more sales in June than I did in the entire year of 2006. It set a new company record. Then, I beat the record again in December.

In November 2007, I started my own company. Within three years, it will be worldwide and helping people everywhere obtain optimum health. Those who work with my company will also become wealthy. I now have inner peace and confidence that lack of money will never be a challenge for me (or those who work with me) again!

People that I work with suddenly stopped and looked at me marveling, “What have you done? You do not even look like the same person who started here in January!!” I lost 30 pounds. I no longer wear glasses and run almost every day.

Biologically, I am back in the body of a 30 year old man. Chronologically, I am 58 years old. I will be here when super advancing new technology finds the key that unlocks the door to longer living!!

I am no longer sitting back, waiting for decrepitude and death to take me away from this world like so many that I see around me everyday. No, I am living each moment to the fullest with the knowledge that the future is bright and that marvelous changes are about to occur that will finally bring mankind into the glory that should have happened millenniums ago. The future has brought happiness, peace, prosperity, health, love and so much more to me already. I see everyone enjoying the same soon.

Society without Secrets, thank you!!

Coulove, Stephen N.

Denver A-Team 
Denver Metro, CO

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