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I first would like to thank Mark Hamilton and the civilization of the universe for changing my life.
I always knew there was more to life. I am so very grateful for all the knowledge that you have thought me.  Neothink is a miracle.  I’VE come to believe Neothink is the secret ingredient missing in the old civilization. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for this awesome knowledge.
My life was stagnant, depressing, and life-less. I still remember the week I received the invite. I was going through postpartum depression, my relationship was rocky, and to make matters worse I felt like my childhood dream was over.  The same week I received the invitation. I was caught of guard.The letter brought me comfort.I had some hope. It was too good to be true. I read the book.  Vision one changed my life.
I remember driving to the park, Sitting in my car and opening the package that held the book.
I felt something magical happen. I sat there feeling Euphoria for 5-10 minutes.
The next day everything was different. My Home was peaceful.  I snapped out of my depression. I felt exhilarating again my relationship felt that feeling again. …Or had that feeling again. I had snapped out of depression. I now know how vital it is to live again. I love Life! My heart was revived from stagnation and confusion.
I now live happy as a child. I create new concepts.
I’ve learned to look through the eyes of a child. I’ve learned to think again. A NEW way of thinking. Be careful what you wish for because you might just receive it.
I am now ready to share my F.n.e with the world. I chose the most craziest project. I plan to let this child shine so bright and create new values In this beautiful thing called life.  Mark Hamilton, I thank you again You have changed my life! Neothink is A miracle in this life! I thank you again for reviving my dream and most of all thank you for all the business knowledge you have shared.  I now love to read the business section in every newspaper.  I hope I can help in return.
“we are the world we are the children~let’s get together and pursue peaceful beauty in this life!”


Neothink Society of Southern California Super A-Team 
Southern California, CA

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