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In the Neothink Society, through the mentoring of Mark Hamilton, My outlook in life and nature had changed for ever I kind of knew that I meant to be a self leader however; I did not realize how heavy the burden of illusion and guilt was. The same guilt and burden ruled the universe for a long time had kept me away from who I knew I was meant to be.

I did not know there could be any other does more of the same. However when the life I was meant to live did not show up I struggled under constant frustration. I struggled to get it right and find myself stuck.

I realize that now because of the prime literature and Mark Hamilton…revelation – neothinking and power thinking I am set free. The bondage and burden of guilt has been lifted from my shoulder I am now confident and productive. As a result my realization my business is growing and my life is changing. I am being the person I was meant to be. (As they say) That is cool.


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