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 I can thank Mark Hamilton for introducing me to the Neothink Society. After many years of studying in the arean of Christian Ministry, and being a Pastor of a church for over 24 years, I have come to the realization that we are the spirit, and the power and the strength resides within each and every one of us. All of my life I have always been a man searching for truth, and after reading the three multigenerationals the truth of who man is has become so very clear. The many formula’s and technique’s shown to us by the writing of Mark Hamilton have greatly helped me to move forward into a value creator. The use of mini power day/team applied in my life has given me greater strength, flexibility, and ability to accomplish my objectives. For years I have known the many things Mark talks about in regard to TEN SECOND MIRACLES, COMMON DENOMINATORS, DOWNSTREAM FOCUS, and I’ve begun to apply this wonderful tools in my daily life. I am learning to have greater & greater control of every aspect of my life, and it brings me great joy and happiness. I’ve begun to learn & teach the 114 advantages of neo-think, and I want to be able, in time, to apply all of these advantages in my everyday life. Becoming a Value Creator is a journey I’m taking, and I find much satisfaction as I move forward in strength. This confidence and strength applies not only to my business life, but also to my personal life with my family, my wife & children. I look to the time when our A Team (DCI.LLC) Dynamic Creations Intl. LLC will have a much greater influence within the San Antonio area, and we will draw hundreds to help form the C of U, Truly I identify with the goals and aspirations of Mark Hamilton, and look forward to making the C of U a reality in my own lifetime.




San Antonio A Team (Neothink Society) 
Universal City, TX

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