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I am so glad I joined the Neothink Society.  For years I had always thought that having my own business was the only way to becoming financially wealthy and happy. I still do believe it.

In one of the Multigenerational Packages, my mentor talks about finding one’s “Friday Night Essence”, that something that gives or provides one great joy; something that one does that brings out the joy in one’s life or to put in the words of my mentor “how adults play.”

I had always thought that having my own business was the “something” 1)that gave me joy, 2) how I played, 3)was playtime for me.  After all I majored in Business in college and started a number of different home businesses.  Boy, was I surprised when just last month I discovered that poker (Texas Holdem) is my “Friday Night Essence!”  I had never before played poker.  I learned the rules quickly and now I play online almost daily (no cash involved, just poker points only). I’m as happy as a clam in sand!

As for business, I am shifting my focus more and more to investing in stocks and currency.  No more struggling to sell goods and services. 


Top of the World Super A-Team, LLC 
Wasilla, AK

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