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I was raised in the mindset of mysticism called Christianity.  I realized at a young age that something didn’t “click” with this mindset.  In a sense of rebellion and questioning, I went looking for “enlightenment” in the mysticism of Paganism.  However, everytime I tried to look outside of myself towards some “higher-self”, or “an outside higher authority”, I always got lost.  As I read the Prime Literature, I started understanding what I had unconsciously been realizing all along, I AM.  Now the integrations of previously subconcious realizations are coming to my concsious mind in what feels like tidal waves.

Now I’m working towards the eradication of both internal and external mysticism and advocating the benefits of ethical selfishness (i.e.  Concern with one’s self interests with out the forcing, coercion, or harming of another conscious soul to one’s self interests.)


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