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An intro to me : I’m the father of a beautiful baby boy The youngest boy of a strong Mexican azteca / mayan man. He worked from sun up to sun down and sacrificed his dreams for us. I still remember him playing his guitar and scribbling on his notebook and wondering how he did it…I mean how he kept us all going…Im one of if not the best lyricist in San Antonio texas still this life is real and being a first generation mexican american I’ve learned to deal with numerous situations. Everything from being humbled to discrimination. Receiving the literature was a life changing experience.absorbing the literature was something I was anxiously waiting for like a kid waiting to see what his present was and was not let down. You see having the tools to change your life and positively affect this world we live in is something I cherish. I was stuck in a following mode. Always seeking out external authority. Now I look back and can see why I never got to far. Mark Hamilton has extensive works available for us to review that are very helpful that can help you in understanding and seeing the bigger picture as well as how to apply what you learn. Finding My FNE was something intense. After pinpointing it many pieces of my personal puzzle came together. My personal experience with the society has been one of awe and wonder. A dream come true that I can’t help but work on. This is what many people spend their whole life searching. I have found a place where I can be myself as well as contribute , where my thoughts and Ideas are appreciated. The meetings with mark andthe weekly multigenerational/A-Team conference calls are a great value. Thank you Mark.  Thank you for the time you take to prepare us. Anyone can tell you My life is no longer the same. I am no longer the  person people knew before. This is where I was always supposed to be surrounded by genius. Creating and bringing forth values. Now that’s not final , but I do believe that each one of us has our own original talents perspectives to add and I would like to say to all new apprentices Absorb the literature , practice it, live it…and reach for the stars. Anyone wanting to discuss something having to do with the multigenerationals


San Antonio, TX

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