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I am a single mother of two beautiful boys, at 26 years old, I felt like I was in the middle of a midlife crisis. I\’d already been through an abusive relationship and a divorce at a young age and responsibility weighed heavily on my shoulders. I didn\’t understand what was happening to me at the time, I thought I was having a breakdown. My life was a downward spiral and everything was falling apart. I was falling apart. I spoke to a shrink and I only seemed to end up with more worries than before I\’d spoken to him. My life at the time didn\’t make sense to me and I really didn\’t know what to do with myself. I received a letter from the Neothink Society at a low point in my life, a part of me had been ready to give up until I received my packages. I have found myself with the help of the Neothink Society. I have changed my life and I’m only just getting started. Thank you, I finally found the person I was born to be, I can finally be the mother I always wanted to be, I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with my career and I finally found what it really means to love.

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