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My name is John, I’m 51, and this is my life story-the short version. All my life I never had it quite figured out, whatever “it” was. I struggled with school, and thus hated going. Every time I thought I had “it” figured out it would turn out I was wrong and most times, not even close. Not having a strong work ethic, I settled for C’s and D’s. After high school, I went to college for two years. Looking back, I was in no way ready for that. After quitting college, I spent time sponging off of relatives. I had a few jobs but was laid off from one and another, the plant was closed, proving again that I was a nobody. Almost 30 yrs later, I had a part-time job and still figured I was a nobody. I tried to pinpoint why this was so. The only thing I could figure out was that there was something wrong with me. Something was missing. I finally realized what. It was as if I had never received my life’s owners manual. A few weeks after that, in Feb. ’06, I received a letter from a society that wanted ME to be a member. “Yeah, right!” But replied anyway. Three books, one computer(something I vowed never to buy) and over 2 years later, here we are. I won’t tell you that because of the Neothink Society my life has completely changed, because it hasn’t-YET. But, I totally believe what Mark Hamilton and the rest of The Society are trying to accomplish. In closing, I would like to wish much success to everyone who reads this with your new Owner’s Manuals.


Minnesota A-Team 
St Paul, MN

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