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My Testimonial:
I was conceived in darkness, lived long enough to see the light ,the Neothink Society was the saving source to bring me true life. Lifes turmoils and ups and down had me lost to neo-cheating clowns.I searched and searched until I was found by a true man of civilization for he was not bound. Freedom for all he has taught I for one heard his message, no longer to be bound ,free at last a value producing man.On a mission to save others from a life of despair. Join us and become part of our family see the side of life that was meant for you and me. Find your true self, rest and bless your soul ,the C OF U is our goal, soon to become our new home.

The twelve visions party will be an enlightenment for all the people, this will be my passion to put myself and all I can do to bring tvp into the world in which we live. The joint effort to make this the biggest event in history to bring about pride, love of country and hope for an extended future and new beginnings. Let`s Get It On!           
All the information from each multigenerational takes us deeper into the way life was designed, and put us on a journey of no return. It has changed the way we see the world and view people, work and family. We will change the world, give as was given to us ,a new day in the evolution of humanity. A new day has come, Really!  
While traveling life`s journey, on a dead end road not a person to tell me I`m lost and alone. The anti-civilization where I lived, fooled me over and over again. Poor and tired and aimlessly bound, my life so screwed up I fell to the ground. One day this letter came to carry me from the society of torment and pain. Suddenly I’m free, because of mini days,the mind changing neothink. Now as a value producing man living in a society unlike the rest. I thought I needed to tell the M—others where to kiss off, but no need, TVP will tell them for me.


Minnesota A-Team 
St Paul, MN

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