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My Testimonial: First off let me give you a little back ground of my life. Growing up my father and I spent some time in the bar scene. I got to know a lot of people and, how they reacted in different situations. Generally no two people reacted the same way in similar situations. I learned a lot about how people react to different things.
     In school I was the quiet one. I listened to many conversations but, I was always quite. I did not talk to anyone unless they confronted me or, I knew them really well. Now since the Neothink Society I can’t pass by someone without saying at least hello. I think my FNE (Friday Night Essence) is to help people over come there boundaries in life. Remember I have always been around people and like being around people. I was a little shy but, now I have overcome that.
    I have also had a motorcycle accident. Since Neothink Society I have made vast improvements in both my physical condition and, my mental condition. I’m not perfect by far but, I’m getting better every day. I walk with a cane but, not for long. Thank you Neothink Society for everything you have changed my life for the better.
Always and Forever

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