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Joanna’s Testimonial

Hello and good evening, I would like to Welcome you all to a very exciting life-long event.

This has been a fantastic journey for me and it can be for you also.

Something brought me to this point as well as it did you.

Nothing seemed to work until I came upon the Neothink Society. I was ready to give up but something in the Neothink Society spoke to the child within me that would not give up hope.

Part of what brought me on this journey is in 2004 my aunt and my grandmother both past away within a couple of months in the same nursing center.

I had been calling family members in another state to help my mother. They just did not have the time so she was placed in a nursing center soon to become a ward of the state.

When I read the conflicting rights that can be taken away as a ward of the State.

I went to all the meetings to try to help, but soon found out that there was nothing left to do but bring her to California before she became a ward of the State.

I have the Neothink Society to thank for helping bring out the self leader in me, my gratitude for this can fill this room.

Neothink Society has brought about the love, respect, and happiness that I never experienced before. For me Neothink is an ongoing life changing experience.

I have true hope that I can rise above the poverty in my life, all of history makes since and I have true well kept secrets to life and I am free to teach my children the truth and that’s worth more than words can tell.

I have found a true family in the Neothink Society that loves unconditionally, it has taken me my whole life to find, but now I\’m here. I now have new responsibilities in my life as a self leader in Neothink Society and you can also.

I am looking forward to a long, new life with a rewarding journey full of honesty, love, protection, and happiness.

The benefits to the Neothink Society are Incredible, the Multigenerational packages hold secrets that can show who you were meant to be.

The Workshops will show you how to play at work and have fun while making money.

You\’ll learn how to bring out the genius inside of you. And mentoring with MH and others, or becoming mentors.

And you\’ll find your true loving long awaited home in the Neothink Society.

Some of our members have found their soul mates.

The website is a great place to learn and share with like-minded friends.

And you too can team up with other business people for one common goal.

This journey is awesome please join us, Welcome to the family.

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