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Welcome my brothers and sisters to the Neothink Society community; to the civilization where human consciousness and Neothink reunite; where knowledge, wealth, health, safety, and romance leading to joy and happiness are abundance. In this civilization, noone will be left behind unlike our present anticivilization where wealth, health and safety are for the elite and little people are left behind.
The use of neothink, integration and honesty are the
fundamental key to free oneself from the bicameral like mind and mysticism.

Getting all the valuable resources available through the multigenerationals, TVP, clubhouses, workshops activities, have helped me tremendously to better understand how cheaters, political and religious leaders use the forces of nature to allure so many impressionable and innocent people like myself in their
web of deceit.

Having read so many inspirational, motivational, positive thinking books and having been brought up in a Roman Catholic Church; I am however, aware of the bicameral like mind and mysticism that have plagued my ability to think for myself for many years; thus, being afraid and feeling guilty that I will fail or disappoint those in leadership position.
I did not know the negative impact the words bicameral and mysticism have in one’s life until I read about them in the multigenerationals. These two words actually pulls your ability to consciously think for yourself away from you.  Until we as human beings consciously remove our bicameral like mentality and mysticism and replace them with neothink mentality and integration with honesty, and continue to associate ourselves with like mentalities, we are still going to be lead by those who destroy our dignity, usurp our individual rights and property rights.

Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society team, we are going to make certain that everyone will become mysticism free on their own free well of course by using Neothink mentality and integration and honesty.  Let us get the words out to the masses:
tell them about the Neothink Society community, TVP with its Prime Law to protect individual rights and properties.  Tell them about the clubhouses, workshops, business alliance, meetings after meetings, july convention, finding possible  romance, creating wealth, living healthier life, and safety with our Prime Law; all these will be possible if everyone do their parts and work as integrated conscious thinkers.

The TVP with Prime Law the amendment to the US Constitution is what everyone has been waiting all their lives. Once TVP goes to public, it will explode like fireworks, volcano eruption…imagine the law that promises to make all the people rich including the poor. Now that is powerful.

Gooooooo! Neothink Society/TVP, we are going to the PROMISE LAND…CIVILIZATION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS where everyone will think for themselves, become WEALTHY, HEALTHY AND SAFETY.

thnaks everyone, this writing is truly my pleasure…
Your Neothink Society

Western New York A-Team 
Bolivar, NY

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