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Hello my Neothink Society Brothers and Sisters,I want to provide you with a chronology of my life because you need to understand where I have been to understand where I am going and to know that I am being totally honest with you, my brothers and sisters. 

When I was a young boy, age 9, I had a vision of being a great leader who had a talent for helping people to become happy and safe. It was not in terms of an adult, as we understand adult today, but as a boy seeing people happy and living in a world of love and peace.  I was a knight who protected the kingdom in which he lived.  I was a great student and I played piano and wrote stories.  I could have been a great creator and leader, but then things changed.

From my early childhood I was engulfed by the cruelty of the anti-civilization. I have always been a sensitive person with a deep love for nature and human kind.  But, I did not fit the mold of the modern boy and I was teased and bullied.  I had to put away my true nature and become a man, a man I later came to hate.

At about age 12, I began to feel the heat from the real world, the world created by egotistic, power hungry leaders including church and school.  Later, as I became an adult raising a family, the same heat came to bare from the political leaders who slammed me with taxes, social programs and laws designed to bolster the powerful by controlling the everyday man.

When I purchased my first Multigenerational package from Mark Hamilton, I read it with the same open minded view that I read other books such as the Bible, Celestine Prophecy, The DaVinci Code, Nag Hamadi, Celtic Christianity, Gnostic Gospels and many others. When I was done, I put it down and did not order the next package for 6 months. I found it hard to grasp the secrets being shown to me.  One minute I would feel anger at the lies and cheating, the next I would feel sorrow toward our human condition.  Then I would feel glad that there was someone out there who had found the keys to unlock what could be, what should be.  I felt fear of what could happen, of what should happen.  Finally, I dug down into my soul and I read Multigenerational I again. 

So I ordered Multigenerational II and then Multigenerational III.  There in front of me I realized was the most important discovery of all time.  What I discovered about myself is that I have a very low self-esteem and my inner child has been locked in a dungeon.  What I discovered about mankind is that we all have the same feelings, with the exception of those who already know the secrets of Neothink Society.  Well, Neothink Society has opened up a whole new world for me.  I now understand what has been going on and I have shed the past as a skin that has become too small for me to live in.  I have a much more vast view of what will happen in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.

I have now been a practitioner of Neothink Society for about 1 year, as have my brothers and sisters who started in this about the same time.  We are a brotherhood of people who want to see the world changed, we want to rid ourselves of the career politicians who have been cheating us out of our life we were meant to live, to be rid of the mystics and religious leaders who have used their influence and knowledge to instill fear of living the life we were meant to live, who have abused their fellow man in order stay powerful. 

I AM HONEST AND I AM STRONG IN MY HONESTY.   I am now smarter than most of the men I know because I have access to secrets that give me a competitive edge in all areas of my life. I have begun to build a new puzzle for my life and those around me, a Neothink Society puzzle.  I have a vision and I have found something that keeps me energized with an inner motivation I have not felt in over 40 years. I spend every moment of time available to me working on my development through the 12 visions of Neothink Society. I have found my Friday Night Essence, that something that keeps my creativity alive, that makes me wake up at 3:00 AM in the morning to learn more, to do more, and to stay up late into the night power thinking my life.  My inner child is beginning to break out of the prison he has been in for so long.

I have found the knowledge necessary to move to heights I have never experienced before, to feel the passion I once felt when I was 9 years old and playing the good ruler in my back yard.  I am a knight and I wear the armor of honesty and I wield the sword of consciousness.

You too can have this experience.  Come join us in our quest to enlighten and brighten our world.  Please!  You owe it to yourself, your family and mankind.  We need you!

Rick M

Neothink Society Virginia 
Richmond, VA

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