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 I have been a member of the Neothink Society for over 3 years now. While I was a powerful force in my own life before joining the Neothink Society, they (Neothink Society) have spelled out the secret powers of humankind. The Neothink Society is truly fuel for the fire. Like a magnifying glass amplifying a ray of light from the sun, the Neothink Society has supercharged my mentality, greatly amplifying my values, actions, thoughts, & integrations every day. The Neothink Society has spelled out the power of the mind, the power to go from 110% in life & still sinking, to 1010% & understanding how to make it all work the way I want it to!

   Knowing is truly half of the battle. I have done so much more at work since the Neothink Society, it’s to the point I’m working in production, technical support, & engineering, my supervisor comes to me for help & answers frequently, I have at least 4 helpers, most of the company suggestions & ideas I turn in usually become reality, I make amazing new creations frequently. I’m working a job that normally requires 4 years of college & I’ve never been to college a day in my life I am in control of my situation, & it all comes from the power of the knowledge, messages, concepts, & values of that are absorbed through the Neothink Society.

   More recently, I stopped drinking coffee (I was drinking 2-3 pots a day with lots of sugar), after smoking for fifteen years I quit cigarettes “cold turkey” (I was up to 2-3 packs a day) & started eating healthier foods at the same time. I stopped drinking pop (I drank 2 or 3 liters a day usually). I have cut back my eating to a reasonable amount. I’m making my health the way I want it, & I’m happy about it! That’s the power of the Neothink Society, the power to take control of your life & make it how you truly want it.

   There is no other company, organization, or group that offers what the Neothink Society does. It’s the simple secret power that has been hidden from us in plain site with the mentality in society that indulgence = wrong & self = unworthy. The power of integrated honesty, the power to fully utilize your awareness, dispel the illusions, adapt to & shape the world around you, & take control of your own life.

   The Neothink Society has also given me a great sense of control. The good sense to take control of my schedule, to put every minute of the day under my control. If there are moments through the day that aren’t in my direct control as to what must be done in those moments, I am adapted to those things so they fit in my schedule as if they were in my control.

   I am on a one way trip to where I want to be in life, & happy every day! I wouldn’t be as focused on my goals if it weren’t for the Neothink Society. My goals wouldn’t be as ambitious either. The Neothink Society honestly gives you the knowledge needed to take control of the direction your heading in life & change it from towards unhappiness & stagnation, to towards happiness & success!

   Thinking of the old saying….if you give a person a fish he’ll eat for the day, but if you teach him how to fish, he’ll eat for the rest of his live. This is what the Neothink Society is doing in the lives of its’ members, teaching them to “fish” instead of giving them (us) a fish, to think for ourselves  instead of showing us how to have others think for us.

   My own little saying…you have to learn how to learn before you begin learning. The Neothink Society shows you how to learn, it’s the most powerful technique available-learn the secrets to powerful learning before (or during) your learning process & experience in life. My knowledge is my power, & I thank the Neothink Society for the knowledge they have bestowed upon me, for it has most certainly made me a more powerful minded person, & it will do the same for any who absorb it!



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