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I would like to take this chance to say a few things about what the Neothink Society is all about and truth.
Not just truth but searching for truth and answers. Everyone has their own path to the truth and see the truth in their own way. Does this make them right? Not necessarily. There is truth in everything and we have to find it.
In the Neothink Society they remind us how to find the truth as well as provide the truth to us. They do this to open the doors to becoming the person you are meant to be.
  This change begins here and I hope all of us left all the old data in our minds that you have learned outside of this forum. We are here to play and get along.
  Finding the truth is a lifelong journey, perhaps many lifetimes, even in this day of information. Finding the (What is). This is up to us as individuals.
  The human mind is very powerful when it is developed. We only use a fraction of it. Even the smartest throughout history only used a fraction of their minds, so we have a long way to go.
  By keeping our minds open for new thoughts and integrations we begin to grow and learn again. Like the mind of a child we soak up information like a sponge.
  An early lesson my mother gave me was to make my mind like a sponge that just soaks up information
  What she did not tell me is that we should wring out that sponge once in a while and get rid of all the junk it picked up. I had to learn that on my own.
  The society provides a new path to the universe by integrating the course of human consciousness. Then take our consciousness to further development.
  As we all find out eventually, the answers to our question often leads to new questions. This new journey makes the ability to come up with answers much easier.
   The true self leaders that you meet have made a choice to bring about the civilization of the universe. Most of us inspire to bringing about a new world where love is a driving force within everyone and individuals throughout this planet will all have a chance at the life they were meant to live.
  Living the life we are meant to live in tales finding your essence. Finding your essence is finding happiness, something you are passionate about. Learning how to bring that essence out and then make it work for you.
  A lot of us give up on or forget their essence early in life because it does not bring in the necessary things for survival in society. It does not pay the bills so we let it slip away or use it as a tension relief. How can we use this essence to benefit us?
 I have several passions in life and here are a few.
• I love to write
• I love to draw
• I love to create and invent
• I love to solve problems in and out of my realm of expertise
• I love people who love and who spread love
• I love visiting my right brain where I am closest to the universe
• I love seeking balance and gaining knowledge
What do I do with this? The Neothink Society has answers to this. 
  Each wave of apprentices that come here will bring greater and greater value to future apprentices. There is loving genius here and that is the foundation for the civilization of the universe.
  As more and more people become aware of how life can be and start searching for ways to make this come about, they will be drawn to here because of all the values that are becoming available as we speak.
  As more of us start seeking balance and truth within ourselves and with the universe, they will be drawn here.
  For those of us that are already here. It is up to us to provide the stimulation for those that found their way here on this path with us. There is great genius here and a lot of love. That is what we need to share with others. That is what is presently abundant and is growing continuously if we stay focused.
  This will lead to an abundance of other things but the abundance of love, truth and genius is apparent and our greatest asset.
  Open your mind’s eye to the way we are meant to live and let your physical movements take you there. Be grateful to the universe that you are so much a part of.
  We are the creators of our own reality. Let’s create something of awe and inspiration. See it completed then picture the steps that will take to make it happen.
  Everything starts with the individual and their passion and willingness to make dreams into reality. Bring value to civilization.
  What can we do to bring about a world fit for our children?
  Join us and find out.
Thank you for your precious time, we are one world tribe, I love you people.


MDCAT Inc. Mind Developement Creates Alternative Thinking 
Miami, FL

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