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It is my great pleasure in giving my testimony on Neothink Society and how it’s changed my life. Ever since I can remember as a child I dreamed of being a leader, someone’s’ hero, but through the passage of time ,the way my parents raised me (although they meant well) and the illusions that politicians weave ,the religious teachings a suppressed educational system all became too over whelming and confusing. For these dreams become thoughts and things that never really left my mind, they just got buried through time. Well no wonder why there is so much confusion, violence, hate, dishonesty, wars, lies, kept down instead of soaring and in the dark by the very same people society trusted. You ever wonder why there are so many people young with disease, obesity, teenagers with high blood pressure, school aged kids diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder , the list goes on and on….

Here’s an example of how the FDA and our Government handled the Tobacco Industry on lung cancer and alcohol. For decades as long as I can remember every pack of cigarette had a warning by the surgeon general that read “cigarette smoke can cause lung cancer “.But because there was a lot of money to be made for all interested parties, government looked the other way and the FDA did the same. Years later millions of people were diagnosed with lung cancer due to cigarette smoke, and the FDA and government failed to protect the people. Television commercials flooded the networks about which brand is better for you to smoke and the same for alcohol consumption, this all continues to go on in spite of what warnings were posted by the Surgeon General labels on each of the products. This was all about the money. Peoples’ lives were at stake. Where was the FDA? Where is big brother? Today the networks are forbidden to advertise after years of litigation and the lawsuits filed by consumers and millions have died as a result of cigarette and alcohol consumption because big brother failed to protect society knowing the affects of these products. In case you haven’t realized the networks are doing the same thing today almost every other commercial on television introduces consumers to a new drug. They are lying to society. Again, it’s all about the money. It’s good to make money don’t get me wrong but not at the expense of human life. There are cures for almost every disease and illness known to man but big brother knows that if there is no money in it for them they will stop at nothing to keep you from these cures. There are good doctors and scientist who have made great discoveries but have been kept on the sidelines by threats or just too afraid to come forward. It is because of Neothink that I’m able to come forward and express my true feelings that have been dormant for so many years. The Neothink Society is everything that the world needs, honesty, love, happiness and wealth. That child from the past has awaken within me, it is all too clear, I cannot allow precious life to be fooled by the neo-cheaters of society which include big Government, FDA , large businesses and their political agendas and many more. With Neothink in my life I can say finally the time has come for people to live the lives they were meant to live. This is just the beginning, we are just beginning to bud, before too long there will be a tree stump stronger than anyone can imagine ,we will help society and the world take back their lives and free them from the clutches from the very same they trusted.


NC Triangle Area A Team (DBA Triangle Vision Quest) 
Raleigh, NC

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