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My name is Charles “Doc”. I was raised a country boy in upstate New York (the Binghamton area) by parents who were 9th grade drop-outs, and the oldest of 24 (4 original, 2 adopted and the rest foster – my dad called us “the bought, the borrowed, and the stuck with”. My dad taught me much of the most important things in my life: Honesty, dedication, direction and a love of children and teaching. However, throughout my childhood I was the “odd one” that never fit in. I was honest! I cared for others! I was hated, beaten and degraded for standing strong in my beliefs of freedom and individuality.

I served our nation in the US Navy (hospital corps, thus the “doc”) from 1967-1987. During that time, I can honestly say “been there, done that – got the tee-shirt!” Many things accomplished, many things I wish I’d never seen or been involved in, but through it all, I’ve never lost the insight that my dad instilled in me. You can imagine how my stand for honesty and individuality of all took a beating in that organization! But, I stood strong, and made it to retirement.

Shortly after my retirement from the Navy, I went through a very bad divorce; which cost me thousands of dollars, as well as the loss of my children’s love and respect. She was short-sighted, dishonest, no concept of love and/or caring for others, and when I fled that combination that was destroying me mentally, emotionally and physically, I was termed the “bad guy” – and have only 2 family members who even talk to me today because of those perceived wrongs.

Then, the Neothink Society came into my life a few years ago (2004). Through reading the material, through meeting other members of this wonderful group, through the wonderful teaching and guidance of Mark Hamilton, I came to realize that I’m not the only “odd one” out there. The Neothink Society is the first and only group I have found that is based on honesty, my core personality trait! No deception, no coercion, no hatred; simple and pure honesty and love. Some of my closest friends and partners are here in the Neothink Society with me and our love/respect for each other grows on a daily basis. We have become a family.

The writings and teachings of the Prime Literature have opened up my eyes to the fact of the strangle-hold of the twin evils of government and man-made religion. I have been aware of this for decades, but now I see it clearly and what needs to be done to correct this death-grip on the general population. That needed step is the Neothink Society and it’s local clubhouse structure; training, leading and guiding the general population into understanding the “what is” of each and every situation, and freeing their minds from the mystic control of the twins of evil, Government and Religion.

Thank you Mark Hamilton!

Florida Space Coast A-Team, LCC (FSCAT) 
Port St John, FL

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