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My Testimonial:
 I received my invitation from The Neothink Society. I now own my own company and am bringing a business of “value” to the world.  The tools I have learned through the Neothink Society process, have brought myself, my family, and now, those that I serve, great strength, comfort and success! All of it has been based upon honest integration!   
 This amazing letter was the beginning of comfort to me. I accepted the Neothink Society invitation, and now I  know that I indeed have another family who shares the same dreams and desires that I do, for my personal goals, career, and for human kind. I have to constantly remind myself that I cannot turn the other cheek, or close my eyes to what is happening in our world, most especially by the excruciating taxing of our people. I want to help change that!  With the Neothink Society we can make those changes for a better world. I am indeed a part of the solution and we are coming together to create a value and honest based world. There is so much comfort in knowing and believing this to be true. Truth is who I am… and who I want to associate and do business with!  The Neothink Society is truth in action! Together we will bring truth to government and prosperity to the people!  Thank you, inviting me, believing in me, and trusting in me, that I too, with my gifts, can help produce those ideals of truth and free thinking to change the world! Indeed, we will make this world a better place,  for generations to come. The Neothink Society is the path of truth that I have been searching for. 

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