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Hello everyone. How is everyone doing today?  Great! My name is Kafi and I want to tell you how my life has changed for the better since the Neothink Society found me. A few years ago my life was on a fast track to nowhere. I was busy, busy, busy, trying everything I know to make my life more prosperous. All my bills were behind and I was steady going deeper into debt trying to make money. It seemed like money would just disappear right out of my pocket. No matter how hard I worked at making money the opposite always happened, I would lose money. All I wanted was to be happy; and rich of course. Who in here wishes they were happy and financially well off? Yea, that was me, but everything I tried failed. Someone once told me, “that a man will never hurt himself purposely,” and that’s what was happening with me. I was unknowingly hurting myself but I didn’t realize then the damage I was causing myself and family. My husband thought I was nuts, here we are trying to make ends meet and I’m steady throwing money out the window. One day my husband was sitting in the den looking over some bills and bank statements. As I walked by he called me and simply asked with a bank statement in his hand, “What are you doing?” The look on his face broke my heart and that’s when I realized I was out of control. I threw away more money working on different systems designed to make money than I care to mention. Oh, every now and then I’d have a miracle and things would turn out great, but not too often. Since the Neothink Society I have learned how to turn all of that around. I know now it wasn’t the different systems as much as it was just my knowledge of how things worked in our society. Most of these money making systems are designed to make the author rich, not me or you, but the authors make it seem like this is the one for you; getting you all excited and making you feel like you got to buy now. The Neothink Society taught me a system that shows a person how to judge anything and how to keep from just spinning your wheels and get going in any area of your life. Now all my bills are current and the creditor’s phone calls have stopped, but the best part is I have my savings account back and it’s better than before.
With my life getting so easy I decided to go back to school. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. The Neothink Society showed me how to make it possible. I’ll have my bachelors of science in communications in less than a year. Before the Neothink Society I was always anxious and on edge trying to make it all work knowing I didn’t have enough to do what was necessary, just hoping and praying something would change, but now I’m relaxed. I have received so many benefits since being a member of the Neothink Society. My health has improved tremendously and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. My only problem now is not having enough time in a day to work on my many projects and enjoy my life. Where does the time go? I can’t wait for someone to come up with a way to rejuvenate the body without sleep and invent a pill for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I’ll have all that time free for my work. There will be plenty of time to enjoy a meal with family and friends, but when I’m working on something important at the critical stage I don’t want to stop. It’s so exciting at that point. Do you realize how much faster and further along we could be with 24 hours a day to enjoy life and push forward our desired work?  WOW!
I don’t want to imagine what my life may have looked like today had the Neothink Society not found me. Just thinking about how it was back then makes me cringe. I’m so happy now I could cry. ___You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this one. I guarantee your life will make an awesome turnaround for the better. Your relationships, finances, health and peace will grow more satisfying with each day. Join us today and make your dreams come true.
Thank you      



Warren, MI

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