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Members of the Neothink Society share a commonality; each is a seeker. It is probably the reason for my non-conformist nature and polite rejection of authority over the years. 

Are you fed up with the status-quo?  Maybe you’re also a seeker and can relate to my story.

The majority of my life was spent with an unrequited yearning which led me along several unfulfilling, parallel paths, although I managed to thrive, formally educate my children and gain a measure of success in my work.

Imagine how unsettling it was to be in my skin and have so many doubts regarding an old belief system in which I tried, but couldn’t fit. I didn’t express these feelings to anyone out of respect for their convictions or my lack thereof.  I thought I was just being a hypocrite; a “pretender” leading a double life.

As a seeker, you can understand how liberating it felt to finally come upon the plausible philosophy for which I had been searching since the age of twelve. Can you imagine 3,000 pages of “eureka” moments?

I had read just about every best selling, self-help book ever written, yet nothing had such lasting impact as Mark Hamilton’s writings; through which I have been nudged, pushed, and driven to self-discovery in harmony with my soul.

The last few years have been an incredible journey of enlightenment! I am no longer subjugated by unsubstantiated illusions. Rationality has replaced irrationality. Confusion and contradictions have departed my thinking.  

The age of information is upon us. The pendulum is swinging in human consciousness and no one can stop it. Mark Hamilton wishes to push it along by eliminating mystical tendencies humans have always possessed, i.e., looking to outside authorities for leadership. I think Mark’s writings will one day hold as much, or more, significance as any famous visionary in history.

Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions are expanding my thought processes in ways not previously known, and I am becoming more vibrant, more radiant, and calmly empowered as a result. This new mind force (Neo-think) is changing my way of thinking and illuminating a whole new future.

I have become motivated to look beyond tradition and that which my five senses have understood. The way I perceive the universe has gone through a “reality check.”  It’s almost as if I were a child again where everything is new and fresh.

I have experienced a renaissance…an epiphany.  The secrets have given me back “myself.”  The reunion is so invigorating, I can’t wait to see what each new day will bring. 

I have growing list of like-minded friends with whom to associate and from whom to learn everyday on the Neothink Society web site, as well as in our regular clubhouse gatherings and workshops. Genius lives here and the rewards are many.

If my trope makes any impression on you, let it be this: be a thinking person, not a reacting person. Don’t just go along with authorities; question everything. Never be one to follow; be a SELF LEADER. In so doing, you will come to recognize the centuries old brainwashing illusions that continue to be propagated by the ruling elite in all governments and religions.

I am confident the secrets will become as much evident in your life as they have in mine and that you will feel the same liberation, exhilaration and, yes, rejuvenation.

To help people discover the joy and freedom non-mystical behavior offers will be a primary cause for the remainder of my days on Earth.

We stand at the threshold of compelling change…a positive shift is taking place, and that shift will have a dramatic impact on your life.  Mark Hamilton calls it: “Neo-think”…an important word for his “puzzle-building thinking” bringing breakthrough values to the world.

The ancient texts told of a future generation that would change the way human beings perceive life and consciousness. We are that generation. The time of mastery is now.

There is no doubt that Mark Hamilton is leading the next leap in human consciousness.  As one of his chosen 300 at the fore, I am shooting the curl on destiny’s wave and it’s the ride of a lifetime. 


We invite you to visit one of our Clubhouses; get on board and join the fun.

Like each of us, you will work to become the person you were meant to be by walking a responsible path to the “neo-think” mentality. The first step is to exercise discipline and conscious thought to gain complete control of your life.   

D + T = C

Knowledge is power. It’s yours for the application in the Neothink Society’s multigenerational literature and clubhouse mentoring sessions. 

Come to the table and sup with us. While your inner hunger may be satiated, you’ll never get your fill…
Big Wave Dave


South Carolina A-Team “Save Our Society” 
Columbia, SC

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