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Horace P, IV, MD, MPH who also goes by the name of Paul was born in McAllen, TX on February 22, 1963.  As a high school student, Paul worked laborious jobs in melon packing plants and cattle operations on his father’s ranch.  He graduated a well rounded student with high honors and recognized accomplishments in track and field and football.  Following graduation, Paul attended Texas A&M University and graduated cum laude with a degree in Biochemistry at 22.  He went on to obtain his medical degree at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX prior to attending a rigorous internship and residency in family medicine at UTMB-Seton Hospital Family Medicine Education in Austin, TX in 1992.  He passed his board certification exam in Family Medicine in 1993 after entering into the United States Air Force just prior to graduation from residency.

While in the Air Force, Paul served as a family physician and flight surgeon till 2000 going on long deployments to Cuba during the Cuban refugee crisis in the mid 90’s and Saudi Arabia to investigate an aircraft mishap.  He obtained his masters degree in public health and entered into private practice in Waxahachie, TX as a primary care physician and hospitalist primarily at Baylor Medical Center and Methodist Charleston Medical Center. 

Prior to his move to Las Vegas, Paul served as a locum tenens physician with the VA Health Care System in Alexandria, LA as a hospitalist and in other remote locations such as the Colorado River Service Authority with various tribes within the Indian Health Service.  Paul went on to obtain his certification in wound care and hyperbaric medicine and has established a successful multihospital and outpatient wound care and hyperbaric enterprise oriented towards the care of very sick patients with very complicated wounds. 

Paul has accomplished obtaining a pilot’s license, is an avid outdoorsman, hiker, swimmer, body builder, powerlifter and holds two black belts in the martial arts.  He is currently working towards his third black belt in Ninjitsu and is a student scuba diver.  He has extensive technical writing experience and was a prior medical advice columnist for The Waxahachie Daily Light newspaper.  He has one fiction novel to his young writing career credit, Eugenic, published while in private practice in Waxahachie, TX.  Paul has a love for living life to its fullest, a keen interest in travel, adventure and landscape photography.  He endeavors to become a success in the e-book world of science fiction and fantasy writing and to grow his wound care and hyperbaric medicine business domestically and abroad.  He also desires to live way past 100 years of age and to be in optimal health all the days of his life.  ”Life is simply too precious to live one minute of it in misery and suffering.”  

Neothink Society and the Neothink Society has brought about invaluable lessons, that every day should be lived in infinite happiness and love, and that life was meant to be lived abundantly and with an infinite lifespan.  The success is obvious, and the money, changes to my body, and the business connections are multiplying!                              

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Henderson, NV

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