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In April of 2007 I met for the first time other people in VA who had read three large Multigenerationals from Neothink Society totaling over 3,000 pages. I looked forward to that as much as looking forward to getting the second and third Multigenerationals after getting the first. Originally in 2006 after getting several letters from the Neothink Society I was asked to purchase the first Multigenerational for $130. At that time I was living in Covington but working in Roanoke, VA at Ruby Tuesday and I took a long time in deciding whether to use one of my credit cards for the $130 because gas was rising back then for the first time to $2.80+ a gallon. But the original letters that were written and mailed to me got me a little too curious not order the first Multigenerational. And after I read the first Multigenerational I knew I’d have to make sure I could get the second and third Multigenerationals when the time came. And when they did I enjoyed reading both of them, especially the third.

The whole world needs to read these three Multigenerationals and at least see and think for themselves what a better world this could possibly be in the future if the knowledge in the Multigenerationals were used globally and on massive scales. Especially with food prices rising globally and U.S. gas prices also rising. 


Neothink Society Virginia 
Richmond, VA

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