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In 1988, I was a box boy in a local grocery store in Spokane Washington.  I was unhappy, hated my job, no romantic relationship or any clue on how to get one – basically I was a loser.  One day I received an interesting international envelope in the mail.  I opened it and inside was a 16 page booklet.  The booklet described and explained to me why I was unhappy, what and who was holding me back.  This booklet was extremely well written.  I was captivated by every word.  Relatively high in price to a box boy – nearly ½ of my weekly salary – I had to learn more. I wanted to learn more, I was extremely excited to find out more.  I realized it would be a wise investment.

What I had ordered was the “antidote, the cure, the detection system” identifying a consistent set of ideas that bring maximum advantages to peoples lives from wealth, health, romantic love relationships to happiness.

My life improved in practically every way.  Applying these advantages brought about positive changes touching my creativity, wealth, heath, romantic relationships and happiness.  I became an integrated thinker piecing together common dominators.  I began to think into the future, I developed foresight and recognizing forerunners to predict the future– I was gaining power and I knew what I wanted and how to get it. 

Starting as a box boy in my local grocery store I easily moved up within the company to cashier to night manager –doubling then tripling my income.  I gained power and respect of the employees, my friends and family.  I was forever a new person. 

Not long after this time I left the grocery business.  I interviewed for a position with an international wholesaler.  I easily landed that job, applying the knowledge demonstrating my power. 

I remained an account executive for several years until a friend got me a job interview with The Boeing Company as a buyer.  I got that job, again by apply my advantages to land this job – I was in control of my life.  I knew how to prepare as I continued to use these secrets to get ahead, continuing to improve myself and my knowledge. 

My dating life became very active, but I now favored more stable long-term relationships.  During this time I met and married a beautiful and exotic woman.   My wife teases me all the time that I begged her to marry her and she is somewhat right. 

Back at The Boeing Company I continued to improve myself and look for greater wealth opportunities.  I took advantage of free off hours educational.  After some research I learned about Oracle Database Administration, one of the most lucrative fields in Information Technology.  I took courses fully paid by my company and I found a job within my company as a Database Administrator even though prior to this training I had no knowledge of this technical world.  Currently I make over six figures per year with bonuses in a field I know nothing about prior to starting.

A few years ago, while keeping my six figure income, my wife and I decided to purchase a retail store with the money I earned with real estate investing.  The store needed work, but we saw potential, we had a vision for the future. 

To say that The Neothink Society influenced me would be a understatement.  The Neothink Society influenced me to a greater degree than my wonderful parents or my college education.  It’s the single most significant influence in my entire life – by far.  Nothing else compares or comes close.  These life lifting advantages run deep within me and they will for as long as I live.

But even with these achievements, thanks completely to the Neothink Society, I’ve failed. On reflection I know I’ve only scratched the surface of the power, of what I could become or what I can still become.  Had I truly utilized these techniques consistently I could easily be two three or 10 times more wealthy. 

Now we can help each other, learn, teach – mentor new members.  I’m rejuvenated just as I was when I first discovered the Neothink Society as a box boy. 

Keep in mind the Neothink Society can help anyone anywhere in any circumstance become the person they were intended to become, the vision they saw of themselves as a child.  These secrets and advantages apply to all humans, to our essence no matter the starting point. 

I’ve just scratched the surface, just barely used the new techniques to their potential.  Working with other members I’m again maximizing these life lifting values.  I’d like to help you do the same. 

Consider this: “Information is more valuable than money.”  This information is not available in any bookstore or library.  Unquestionably the information is more valuable than the money you’ll spend – I know this because I’ve applied this knowledge to my advantage for almost two decades.  Remember I started out as a box boy and now make a six figure income with the opportunity to make more. 


Neothink Society – Greater Seattle & Bellevue, Washington A-Team 
Redmond, WA

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