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When I was growing up and into my college years, I was taught by my parents to find a job that makes me happy and then find a way to get paid for doing that job.  I quickly discovered that the jobs made me the happiest were the jobs where I produce values for society.

My sophomore year in college is where I lost track of all that is important, and yes, it was over a girl.  I thought she was the one.  She wanted me to “cheat” my way through life taking values and not producing them.

After a few months of this, I was not happy anymore and had lost me energy and enthusiasm.  I was still deeply in love with this girl, but she did not want me around anymore as I had “changed”.  I was crushed.  It took me over a year to just get over her to where I could actually start living again.

Over the next 15 years, I have been at the bottom with declaring bankruptcy and I was not able to keep any kind of relationship.  At this time, I figured out why I was failing.  I was not a value creator.  With the Neothink Society I have re-found my lost enthusiasm for life and have now found the job that truly excites me and now I am a value creator again!  I have my own business and I am very successful.  I have a loving wife and great daughter.

Another part of the Neothink Society is the mini day.  This is something I learned from the Neothink Society and now I am accomplishing 10 times what I used to accomplish in a day and I am getting better.

If it wasn’t for the Neothink Society, I would still be lost in the boring stagnate world of living for death, not for Life!


Pikes Peak A-Team 
Colorado Springs, CO

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