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INTRODUCTION / BIOGRAPHY I, Donald D, am a self-leader now and able to guide others to wellness, mentor others, to help to improve the models of therapy,  and to help design a creative new behavioral health care model.
  In 1963, I earned a bachelor’s degree in math and physics. This education provided me with the opportunity to participate in the Apollo Project at the NASA Headquarters Building at Cape Kennedy.  I worked on Apollo’s 11, 12 and 13 as the primary programmer of the ACE System. While there I started a master’s degree program at FIT in Systems Management. I worked for 20 years as a scientific programmer for IBM, Monsanto Research Corporation, Computer Sciences Corporation and several other leading companies. A Top Secret clearance was required for some of their projects.
  Due to the economic recession of 1983 and the budget cut of my job as director of a computer center in Florida  I was, at 41 years old, married with one child, unable to earn a living due to a persistent double digit unemployment and lack of opportunity.  The loss of income quickly resulted in my financial collapse since my resources were being depleted quickly. We became homeless in a year. We returned to Ohio, where we were placed on the demeaning welfare system in poverty.
 Then distress and confusion lead to anxiety (GAD) and depression. I was referred to and grouped by the establishment’s ‘support system’ and sent to a psychiatric institute in Cincinnati, where I was labeled and prescribed a dangerous medication. This was a pragmatic disposition of my so called ‘mental illness’ and dilemma, and I was prepared for Social Security Disability. My family and I could only afford subsidized housing in poverty.  I was impoverished and trapped in a ‘mental illness’ treatment model that reduced my resources and my self esteem to a low level for years.  Recently, however, the staff of my current mental health care provider has helped me recover my life by a new creative methodical treatment plan using the behaviorist approach.  I have creatively acquired a cognitive restructuring of my mind by applying psychoanalytical vigilance and awareness of my thoughts, behavior and emotions and have naturally evolved my mind, outgrowing the old symptoms. I have acquired an ability to use and put on ‘auto-pilot’ positive thought changing psychoanalytic insights we created and coping strategies we methodically chose, cured me of relapses due to downward spirals of anxiety. The repeated use of defusing coping strategies has made these abilities autonomic reducing the intensity and even eliminating the irrational panic, fears, and anger.
 In 2005, I completed a course of study at Sinclair Community College, resulting in honors in social work, social problems, sociology, psychology, family violence and communications arts. My first business, the subject of my capstone course of study there, was awarded an IRS non-profit status. 
 In 2006, I studied leadership in applied behavioral health care by attending the John Glenn Institute Leadership Academy at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.
With this new creative modern treatment model, I have had a recovery of wellness. We now live in a fully furnished custom built home with a new car.
 With these results, I can envision having a future life that provides us even more success, satisfaction and prosperity.

1. Have high self-esteem and self worth with wellness and empowerment- learned how to be loved and respected.
2. Have outgrown any ‘need’ for illegal and prescription drugs or alcohol to alter brain chemistry.
3. I have learned the truths and laws that work for me and how to apply them.
4.  Now have value producing ideas and tasks.
5. High positive values and standards.
6. Long term relationships.
7. Realizing financial independence and how to live in abundance.
8.  I have learned how to have better harmony with society, friendships and relationships.
9. This method encourages self help: little, if any, sacrifice or altruism is necessary.



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