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My name is Arthienyer and just in case you are wondering, because most people are, my first name is part of my father’s name . . . Arthur and part of my mother’s name.  I am forty-five years “young” and I am a Washingtonian . . . born and raised. Like many of you I have always known that there is more to the world than what we see. I’ve always known the world we live in is “backwards,” I just did not have the “tools” to change it. Now I do.

My Mom suffered with bipolar disorder and was a single parent raising two girls, and two boys in Washington, D.C. I felt like I lived in a “glass house,” because my sister and I would rise, ad prepare ourselves for school, and our mother would be fine, but when we returned she would be a whole different person. Also, the Baptist church was a huge part of my life. My grandmother was the “mother” of the church we attended, and by the time I was in my early teens, my mother had become an ordained evangelist. So, Sunday services, Wednesday night prayer, choir rehearsal, bible study, church camp, and so on and so on…you name it and my sister and I were there.

I have always been pretty reserved, and I wanted to “keep the peace” as much as I could in the household, so, I did not have many friends throughout school. One of the main reasons I was so reserved was because at the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine). When I turned 13, my doctor informed my mother that I needed to be fitted with a Milwaukee brace, which I wore, “on and off,” more “off than on” for a year. Needless to say, the curve continued to progress, and to correct it, before it did more damage, I had surgery at Children’s Hospital when I was 18-years-old.

Afterwards, I worked in the DC Government for three years, married my high school sweetheart, divorced him after five years of marriage, and just “drifted” from one job to the next. In 1988 I married my second husband and the first three years were ok, and I became an AA at The Catholic University of America Law School in March, 1992. Then in April, 1992 my life changed…my mother became very ill, fell into a coma and died in May, 1992…she was 59-years-old. Also, two months later I lost a child and in 1997 my marriage, which teetered after the death of my mother and child, was falling apart, so, I got a divorce.

My husband and I always had money problems, but I really did not know the stint of it until I divorced him. After the divorce, I was hit with a major tax bill (more than $12,000) that I had to pay back. The “tax man” did not care that I did not make much money, or was struggling to rebuild my life after the divorce. They just garnished my check until the bill was paid in full, and it took me about three years to pay it off.

I know I suffered from depression, but was afraid to tell my doctor and family about it, so I began to drink and smoke cigarettes quite heavily. Unfortunately, I come from a family where many have suffered with alcohol and mental problems.

During all this time, my job and attending college were what I felt kept me sane. I share this with you, because even though I had a “rocky” start in life, I have made some strides as well. November, 2008 will be six years since I had a cigarette (and I smoked for more than twenty years and I quit “cold turkey”), I received my BA from CUA in May, 2004 and I have been a tutor with the PG Literacy Council since October, 2004. As I stated before, the few constants in my life have been family, few close friends, and work, but I’ve never been quite fulfilled. And I wasn’t fulfilled until I starting receiving the three multigenerationals in November 2005.

The prime literature packages literally changed my life! Where there once was a woman with little purpose in her life, there now is a woman thriving each and every day! I’ve lost weight, I don’t drink as much as I used to and I have friends. I now have the drive to make the Neothink Society in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, one of the best in the country!

Within the Neothink Society I have established that my Friday Night Essence is writing and teaching. I thoroughly enjoy the friends and new faces I see in the Neothink Society, and I know, together, we are unstoppable! Together we can accomplish anything and everything that we put our mind to. We are not lost, in fact, we were never lost, we’ve just been waiting for the Neothink Society to find us, and I am so happy that they have at this time of my life! Don’t you feel it? I feel a shift people. I really do! Every day I feel Stronger, SMARTER, Lighter (I’ve lost 15 pounds thus far, and I have 20 more to go!) and I feel complete. There is no looking back, the future is HERE and NOW!

So, with that said, let’s get to work, let’s get to playing, and I’ll see you at the top! Thanks for reading a bit of my story. Arthienyer F.

Thanks Mark for all that you do! 


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