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   What has the Neothink Society done for me…The major item is a new way to look at myself. After reading the Neothink Society literature I felt  as though I had been asleep for all of my life. I had always been the type of person who always wanted growth in his life. At 48 the number of years of being a human I had given up on ever finding a way out of this stagnation that was what I was told was life.
   I had gotten into an auto accident that had put me in rehab and physical therapy. I had short term memory loss, lost my sense of taste and smell and my vision was impaired. While recovering I got a letter in the mail. The letter I had seen before, the first time I was too busy to take notice. This time it guided me to want to know more. So I took money I didn’t have and said yes. Prove to me you really know who I am.
     After waiting several weeks for my first Neothink Society literature, all the time thinking I was being scammed once again, it arrived. Me not being a book reader only reading one complete book my whole life and that was because I was in jail started to read and to my amazement I could not put it down I was reading 100’s of pages at a time to me this alone was incredible. Then I got the second invite to get the second Neothink Society book. Again I took money I did not have and sent for it. And again I could not put it down. When the next invite came I had no money to purchase the product. I was devastated I had gone this far and I now I was going to miss out on this opportunity (story of my life). At the eleventh hour I begged a friend of mine to loan me the money. On the very last day I rushed to the payday loan location got a money order then rushed to a fax machine to send in my order with just hours to spare then I mailed my order in and waited.
    After several weeks I had still not received my product. I was sure I had missed out once again. But this time was different, in the past I would have just given up. I knew from reading the first two that this was way to important to just let it go. So I contacted customer service and kept contacting them until I got my product. I would have never done that in the past.
    I was not disappointed, this one put what I had been searching for in my hands. After reading it all I wanted was more.
   Now what has the Neothink Society done for me.
1. My health is almost back to when I was 20
2. I have no desire to give up on myself anymore.
3. Using the skills I have acquired from the Neothink Society
A. Love my job(new attitude)
B. I now have the business I always wanted and was too afraid to pursue.
C. I have many like minded friends and meet more all the time.
D. More wealth in my life than ever before.
E. My future is endless I feel like I’m finally in control of my life and know what to do with it.
F. This is a biggie!!!  I HAVE LEARNED HOW TO PLAY AGAIN… MY LIFE IS MORE FUN NOW THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN…even though I am busier than I have ever been EVER!!!!!
   All I have to say to anyone is read the literature, live the literature and have fun everything else will fall into place.


Seattle A-Team Humanity best in Seattle 
Seattle, WA

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