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My story is unique and Mark Hamilton is a Super Genius! During my childhood I had lots of trouble with Authority. It all caught up one day in High School. I assaulted my school security guard and school police officer at the same time. It wasn’t hardly my fault. I weighed 135lbs and I was 5’8. They arrested me and took me to jail for 15 days. I just turned 18 two weeks before the incident. I got out but they made me go into a behavioral center when I got out. I was now considered mentally ill because of everything. I was still 18 and my parents were separated. I went to live in my Mother’s new Apartment. Suddendly, my Father moved in with us. I was on depression and anger pills. But one night I decided to trash the Apartment. I had to go to jail again…I got out after 3 and a half months and completed three years of Probation. There was a problem…I was now in the system. I had many stays in many hospitals including Emergency before and after Neothink…Somewhere in the middle of my stays I got mail from my Mother. She brought it in the Hospital to me. I was in the Psych Ward. I got this letter and it had success stories and this Orientation of what the society was and could do for me. I read it several times. I kept it safe so I could call the number when I got home. I started telling everyone I was gonna be famous. I started reading all kinds of magazines especially Celebrity magazines. I love music and I always wanted to be a Rapper. I’d been writing lyrics as a outlet but now I had the abilty to record music. I got a myspace page and I did some networking. I’m semi-known. A few famous people on myspace have commented to me and messaged me! I even put myself in a magazine to get myself out. What once was a childhood dream became a reality. I don’t know if I will be a mainstream Rapper but I got respect. I quickly got noticed for my own passion!


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West Phoenix, AZ

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