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It was November 2006 I had just returned from Seattle, Washington from a Churchill Center Event where my cousin Winston S Churchill gave a speech titled, “Leadership in Times of Crisis.” I was feeling very exzilerated from the trip and so when I looked through my mail and noticed an envelope with red, white and blue trimming, it immediately caught my attention. My life has changed forever since that moment.

After reading the Multigenerational Books and the Secrets by the following spring of 2007. I’ve realized that by joining the Neothink Society it’s rekindled the spark for life deep down inside my very being. The child inside is reawakened and the sparks of excitment for life are back and at the sametime I’ve become a differnt person, I’ve become more excited about life because I’m realizing my dreams.

I’m able to accomplish more in a day then every before and loving life.  I’m becoming a mentor by helping other people come into the Neothink Society so they can have a better life full of love, success and fulfill their childhood dreams.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world full of happy productive people, giving back more than they consume?


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